Holiday Delight

We had the ITS Holiday luncheon today and Aprille prepared a striking and tasty dessert. What you’re looking at is a combination of yellow cake rounds with bitter-sweet chocolate frosting and candied orange peel and brownie diamonds with dried-banana and mascarpone cream topped with a macademia nut.

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  1. […] Denny posted a couple of pictures of the treats I made for the work holiday lunch event.  They were pretty tasty.  I didn’t have any at the event because I was full of all the scraps I ate while preparing them. […]

  2. map says:

    The macadamia nut ones look like little harlequins, ruffled collar and all.

    Oh, and if that misspelling of “macadamia” wasn’t intentional, it should’ve been. Pure gold, given your and Aprille’s professions.

  3. Denny says:

    I must admit the typo was not intentional, but I think Aprille has confused me with on of her favorite jokes: “What do you call a hawaiian professor who loves her job? An academia nut!”

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